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Advanced Aerial Imagery focuses on producing the highest quality product to meet the demanding needs of your project.  Below is a description of just some of the services we offer.
Aerial Mapping


We acquire series of geo-referenced digital images with typical ground resolutions of 1.5 cm to 2.0cm.  During a single flight, millions of data points are collected.  With the addition of RTK GPS, the accuracy of those millions of data points becomes extremely reliable – saving time and resources.  

Digital Terrain Model
Digital Models


Utilizing industry standard software we take the series of geo-referenced images that we collect, and our "tied in" ground control and produce a variety of products capable of being imported into any number of Survey and GIS applications. Products include Digital Surface Models, Digital Terrain Models, Point Clouds and Mosaics to name a few.

Stockpile Volumes


Finding a solution for accurate volume measurement and easy inventory management, is one of the biggest challenges in the mining industry.

Our Drone technology makes volume measurements fast and very cost effective as compared to traditional manned aircraft and ground based measurement techniques.

Progress Photography
Aerial Photography


We can provide high resolution photography that can be used for Real Estate Marketing, Progress Monitoring and Construction as well as other applications.  All of our photos are of the highest quality and are suitable for all digital and print medias.

Aerial Photography
Data Processing


Drones are finding their way into the Surveyors toolbox more and more each day.  We offer the Surveyor a timely and cost effective solution for processing your drone data.  Upload your data and control to our secure site, we will process your data, preform quality control checks and deliver your finished data in the formats that you request.

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